Vulnerabilities of Wireless Water Meter Networks presented at Defcon19 2011

by John Mcnabb,

Summary : Why research wireless water meters? Because they are a potential security hole in a critical infrastructure, which can lead to a potential leakage of private information, and create the potential to steal water by lowering water bills? It's a technology that's all around us but seems to too mundane to think about. Because a hacker can't resist exploring technology to see how it works and how to break it, because they are there? In this talk the speaker, who managed a small water system for 13 years, will first present an overview of drinking water security, review reported water system security incidents and the state of drinking water security over the past year, and will then take a deep dive into the hardware, software, topology, and vulnerabilities of wireless water meter networks and how to sniff wireless water meter signals.

John Mcnabb: John McNabb, an IT Pro by day and IT security researcher by night, served for 13 years as an elected Water Commissioner for a small town in Massachusetts. John has presented talks at DEF CON 18, The Next HOPE, and Phreaknic 14.