Immersed network discovery and attacks, specifics of telecom Core Network (CN SS7/SIGTRAN) insider attacks presented at HackLu 2008

by Philippe Langlois,

Summary : The number of security perimeters is increasing for every companies thanks to new vectors such as WiFi, Extranet, VoIP, Bluetooth for any company and GPRS networks, 3G / 3G+, EDGE, IMS, IN services, mobile-payment are even more perimeters specific to telecom operators. At the same time, the internal segmentation is increasing and making penetration progress more and more difficult to the core of the business of any company, specifically new telecom operators who are able to develop a sound network distribution from day 1. We'll present here how new tools may help penetration testing, especially when in environments where multiple protocols, segregation and huge address space may be a problem.