Hacking Culture presented at REcon 2008

by Micheal Strangelove,

Summary : As more of our shared cultured is privatized and turned into commodities we lose control over the meanings that shape social life. Where first-generation hackers transgressed property rights through the breaking of code, second-generation hackers seek to undermine the corporate control over meaning through the often illegal transformation of privately owned meanings. This appropriation of intellectual property by artist, cultural jammers, and ordinary YouTubers reflects a will to subvert the priority given to private property within capitalism. Appropriation, piracy, hacking, and other techniques of dissent enable a form of asymmetrical cultural warfare to be wage against the terror of capital. Dr. Strangelove will outline the central role that meaning and intellectual property rights play in the reproduction of capitalism and explain how corporations and the state are losing control over the production of meaning in the Internet age.