Helikaon Linux Debuger presented at REcon 2008

by Jason Raber,

URL : http://www.recon.cx/2008/a/jason_raber/Helikaon.ppt

Summary : The Linux OS is not immune to malware and viruses. The reverse engineer is faced with fighting though anti-debugging protections when trying to understand these binaries. This can be a tedious and time consuming process. COTS debuggers, such as GDB and IDA Pro, are detected in Linux utilizing a variety of anti-debugging techniques. I have developed a stealthy Linux-driver-based debugger named "Helikaon" that will aid the reverse engineer in debugging a running executables without being detected. Guest Helikaon injects a jump at runtime from kernel land into a user mode running process rather than using standard debugger breakpoints like "INT 3" or DR0-DR7 hardware registers. Find out alternate techniques for dynamic analysis in the Linux environment.