What Do You Know You Know, What Do You Know You Don’t Know, and What Don’t You Know You Don’t Know?: An Update on Business Continuity Planning Threats, Vulnerabilities, Impacts, and Risk presented at Shakacon 2012

by Anthony Gelish,

Summary : Participants will be exposed to concrete threat and vulnerability examples relevant to Hawaii for each of the 18 Critical Infrastructure sectors: PRODUCTION INDUSTRIES: Energy; Chemical; Nuclear Reactors, Materials and Waste; Critical Manufacturing; Defense Industrial Base; Dams. SUSTENANCE AND HEALTH: Agriculture and Food; Water; Public Health and Healthcare. SERVICE INDUSTRIES: Banking and Finance; Transportation; Postal and Shipping; Information Technology; Communications; Commercial Facilities. FEDERAL AND STATE: Government Facilities; Emergency Services; National Monuments and Icons.
With the threats and vulnerabilities as context the participants will learn about an analytical approach to a more objective assessment of risk they can apply to their own Business Continuity Planning.