Whose Internet is it, anyway? presented at BlackHatDC 2010

by Andrew Fried,

URL : https://www.blackhat.com/presentations/bh-dc-10/Fried_Andrew/BlackHat-DC-2010-Fried-Whos-Internet-slides.pdf

Summary : Malware injecting emails and websites have reached epidemic proportions on the Internet. Virtually all spam originates from bot-infected systems, which have the capacity to send out millions of emails per hour. The sites hosting malware are often part of large fast flux botnets that are geographically dispersed and change with great frequency. The threats have gotten larger; they hit victims faster and have been causing unprecedented losses.
Historically, the primary defense against these attacks has been the anti-virus program. Today, however, antivirus products no longer provide adequate protection detection rates of less than 20% are commonly seen on newly discovered malware.
The detection, suppression and mitigation of these threats require timely and coordinated efforts between security researchers, anti-virus/content filter vendors, realtime blackhole list maintainers and domain registrars/registries.
This presentation will provide a rare glimpse "behind the curtain" of the efforts undertaken by security researchers (represented by Internet Systems Consortium), domain registrars (represented by GoDaddy) and realtime blackhole providers (represented by The Spamhaus Project and SURBL).