Hacking Russia: Inside An Unprecedented Prosecution of Organized Cybercrime presented at BlackHatDC 2010

by Joseph Menn,

URL : https://www.blackhat.com/presentations/bh-dc-10/Menn_Joseph/BlackHat-DC2010-Menn-Hacking-Russia-slides.pdf

Summary : Almost all of the talk from Western law enforcement agencies of signs of cooperation by Russian authorities in the pursuit of master cybercriminals is an expression of hope, not experience. There is one major documented exception: the 2006 prosecution, conviction and imprisonment of three members of a criminal ring that organized and carried out dozens of denial-of-service attacks on business websites worldwide as part of an extensive extortion racket. Why that case succeeded where all others failed--and why its success has never been replicated, has never been explained. Based on years of research including the only interviews with Russian authorities and the British police detective sent to work with the MVD, author and Financial Times correspondent Joseph Menn gives the highlights of the account in his just-published book, FATAL SYSTEM ERROR: The Hunt for the New Crime Lords Who Are Bringing Down the Internet.