Global Security Report 2010 presented at BlackHatDC 2010

by Nicholas J. Percoco,


Summary : From January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009, we performed approximately 2000* penetration tests (network, application, wireless, and physical) for organizations ranging from the largest companies on the planet to nimble start-ups. In addition, we also performed around 200* security incident and compromise investigations for organizations located in nearly 20 different countries around the world.
The data we have gathered from these engagements is substantial and comprehensive. This presentation will be the first viewing of the results of the analysis of the data gathered during 2009. The results will be presented both technical and business impact analysis with an emphasis on technical for the Black Hat audience.
This presentation will coincide with the release of the paper with the same title. The paper will be released after the conclusion of the talk.
* Trending numbers as of November 5, 2009.