Project Summit: OWASP Projects Review Session presented at AppSec USA 2013

by Johanna Curiel, Samantha Groves,

Summary : During the OWASP Projects Review working session, attendees will be able to participate in the review of the entire inventory of OWASP Projects using the new assessment criteria developed by our team of Technical Project Advisors. The aim of this session is to establish a more accurate representation of OWASP project health and product quality. The session outline is as follows:
Overview of new assessment criteria to conduct reviews.
Team in small groups(2 to 3 max) based on experience and background to asses a set of Projects (Code, Tool or Documentation)
Fill in the Questionnaire (Google Forms) to complete assessment of Projects and provide the review with a final score and results (Project defined as Incubator, Lab or Flagship)
Review results of questionnaire with your team.
Present results and conclusions of assessment session.