OWASP PHP Security and RBAC Projects: An introduction presented at AppSec USA 2013

by Abbas Naderi,

Summary : The aim of this session is to introduce attendees to both projects, and to get them working on project related activities.
OWASP PHP Security Project
1. To demonstrate and introduce the OWASP PHP Security Project, have people contribute to it and have people contribute it to their own projects!
2. The project is developed, we're going to show sample usages and have people try to hack them (which should be impossible). We also introduce the libraries and discuss what future works are needed on the project.
3. The project is really interesting and has a cool aim, and this will help get a lot more people in its community.
1. OWASP RBAC is a new cutting-edge technology taht can revolutionize the authorization domain. Unfortunately because its rigorous and comlex, we havent been very succesful in expanding its usage.
2. Get the people know how awesome this is, and get them use it in their applications. This is a pretty mature project and is one of those things that you don't know exists, but when you do you can't get enough of. We also like to get contributors porting it to other programming languages.
3. We've done 85% of the job. There is a website, API, full code with tests, all we need is people to go ahead and use it, and some people who want to use it in another programming language so that we get the community to port it!