A Framework for Android Security through Automation in Virtual Environments presented at AppSec USA 2013

by Parth Patel,

Summary : This session introduces a practical approach to securing Android applications through an automated framework. The framework uses a simple interface and automatically evaluates applications - even hundreds of them - harvesting behavioral data and run patterns, facilitating the vast majority of evolving security tests. Citing research from using this framework, this session will also answer some of today’s most pressing android security questions.
This presentation will address the limitations of real time security and fragmented security models for security evaluations of Android applications, and will demonstrate how to resolve this using an automated virtual environment that analyzes behavior of Android apps while providing a layer of transparency between Android apps and Android users.
Then it will present how I built an open source framework - the Android Security Evaluation Framework (ASEF) to help resolve security needs of a larger spectrum of Android users including researchers and developers. I will explain how to perform security evaluations on a bigger scale for app stores and large organizations by demonstrating scheduled automatic security evaluations that can be done remotely from an android device using ASEF and its agent.
Citing results from using ASEF, I will also recommend safe practices to follow by being proactive about security measures before installing an app, as well as tips for effective security management after android apps are installed. I will also discuss the importance of Behavioral Analysis and Vulnerability Management of android devices along with idea of integrating security tests in the plug and play framework of ASEF.
Lastly, I will discuss the future of Android security through the eyes of automation and what tactics can be used to achieve conclusive and comprehensive coverage of upcoming Android security needs.