PANEL: Privacy or Security: Can We Have Both? presented at AppSec USA 2013

by Steven Rambam, Jim Manico, Jeff Fox, Joseph Concannon, James Elste, Amy Neustein, Jack Radigan,

Summary : Often confused with each other, security and privacy are both interdependent (privacy generally requires robust security) and sometimes at odds with each other (security may require sacrificing privacy). While the public’s online privacy has taken a big hit in the past decade, it is at least defended by an army of public-interest groups and legal experts. Meanwhile, to many, the public’s online security often remains shrouded in technical jargon and barely present in public policy discussions.This panel will explore issues such as these: -When do security measures go “over the line” and begin encroaching on individual privacy? -What privacy rights is the public (or should it be) willing to trade for more security?- Online anonymity gets a lot of lip service. Has it outlived its usefulness? Political dissidents aside, is it now doing more harm than good by shielding criminals while hardly protecting the average user?- Major private and public institutions often fall down on the job of ensuring either cybersecurity or cyberprivacy. What combination of self-regulation, government oversight, and market accountability (in the form of cyber insurance, auditing, and litigation) would most effectively push them to better meet their responsibility to the public and shareholders? Moderator: Jeff Fox, Technology Editor, Consumer Reports and