PANEL: Mobile Security 2.0: Beyond BYOD presented at AppSec USA 2013

by Jason Rouse, Stephen Wellman, Devindra Hardawar, Daniel Miessler,

Summary : BYOD has moved quickly from technology concept to business reality. Today's workers bring the mobile devices they want into their organizations, freely accessing data and working from the most convenient network connections. While all this mobility has unleashed greater productivity for today's companies, it has introduced a new level of complexity for IT. IT professionals today need to move their mobility strategies from BYOD 1.0 -- the introduction of different devices and network connections into the enterprise -- to BYOD 2.0 -- a comprehensive framework that helps IT better monitor and secure data and networks without compromising the productivity of workers. This panel will tackle the issues IT now faces it evolves from the early era of BYOD into a more complex work world of multiple devices, social media, apps, and more.