Insecure Expectations presented at AppSec USA 2013

by Matt Konda,

Summary : Many developers rely on tests or specs (with expectations) to verify that our code is working properly. Few of us leverage the tests we are already writing to demonstrate security controls are properly applied. In this technical talk, we will walk through hands on examples of tests that demonstrate how to test for common security issues against an example Rails application (though the concept is not Rails specific). Although substantial testing is possible with existing tools, this talk will also present a new open source tool which provides developers with a simpler way to write security tests.
The goals are twofold: • To illustrate some common security issues.
• To give developers something concrete they can do about them.
In addition to the technical portion of the talk, the speaker will spend a short time challenging the audience to help OWASP find ways to reach developers. The speaker has had success in a local community reaching developers through simple community organizing strategies, applied conscientiously over a long period of time.