You mean it isn't all Ninjas and Anonymous Masks? presented at BSidesColumbus 2014

by David Young,

Summary : This talk will help address the realities of working in the Information Security Field. So you think it is all Ninjas and Anonymous Masks. You would be surprised, how much it is not. I will outline a typical day of work for me. Now understand, it has taken me years to embrace the business aspects of the job to now enjoy the "fun" parts of the job. I will detail out the biggest bane to my career, reporting. But after many years of fighting it, I have discovered the value and importance it contains. Now this wont just be a ride downer road, extolling and lamenting the horrific tales of working in the corporate environment. I will also tell some tells of when you do get to be that Ninja, how much fun and great an experience it can be,