Recruiting InfoSec Professionals And Furthering Careers: Views From Both Sides Of The Table presented at BSidesColumbus 2014

by David Garcia,

Summary : We are fortunate to work in an industry that continues to enjoy near negative unemployment, and maintains a very positive outlook. The demand for talent, the volume of career opportunities, and the incredibly rate of change within the industry have fostered a wild west atmosphere, yet it remains an environment where sound principles should rule the day and guide your career. In this interactive session we will discuss the following:
Value of People VS Technology
It’s a Candidates Market
Where we’ve been and where we are going
Opportunities for cross over into InfoSec are numerous and beneficial to the candidate and likely the infosec team.
Candidate Profiles today
a. Background, education
b. Technical vs soft skills
c. Career limiting and career restrictive behavior
How are you interviewing candidates?
a. Does your interview process reflect your experience with noted candidate deficiencies in today’s market?
b. How do you quantify and qualify experiences?
c. How do you measure technical skills?
d. How do you measure soft skills?
Long Term Drivers in the Market and What They Mean to You
How do you plan your career
How do you guide your employees?
Maintaining Job Satisfaction….easier said than done