The Cavalry Is Us: Protecting the public good presented at OWASPAppSecCalifornia 2014

by Beau Woods,

Summary : In the Internet of Things, security issues have grown wellbeyond our day jobs. Our dependence on software is growing faster than ourability to secure it. In our efforts to find the grown-ups who are payingattention to these risks, one painful truth has become clear: The CavalryIsn¹t Coming. Our fate falls to us or to no one. At BSidesLV and DEF CON21, a call was made and many of you have answered. At DerbyCon, we beginthe work of shaping our futures. Here at AppSec, we have the opportunityto level-up and reframe our role in all of this. As the initiated, we facea clear and present danger in the criminalization of research, to ourliberties, and (with our increased dependence on indefensible IT) even tohuman safety and human life. What was once our hobby became our professionand (when we weren't looking) now permeates every aspect of our personallives, our families, our safety Now that security issues are mainstream,security illiteracy has lead to very dangerous precedents as many of usare watching our own demise. It is time for some uncomfortableexperimentation.
This session will both frame the plans to engage in Legislative, Judicial,Professional, and Media (hearts & minds) channels and to organize andinitiate our constitutional congress working sessions. The time is now. It will not be easy, butit is necessary, and we are up for the challenge.
It's high time we make our dent in the universe. For background, pleasewatch the video of the launch of @iamthecavalry : > Join the conversations also at: google group: