Open Source Network Forensics and Advanced Pcap Analysis presented at CactusCon 2014

by Gtklondike ,

Summary : There is a lot of information freely available out on the internet to get network administrators and security professionals started with network analysis tools such as Wireshark. However, there is a well defined limit on how in depth the topic is covered. This intermediate level talk aims to bridge the gap between a basic understanding of protocol analyzers (I.e. Wireshark and TCPdump), and practical real world usage. Things that will be covered include: network file carving, statistical flow analysis, GeoIP, exfiltration, limitations of Wireshark, and other network based attacks. It is assumed the audience has working knowledge of protocol analysis tools (I.e. Wireshark and TCPdump), OSI and TCP/IP model, and major protocols (I.e. DNS, HTTP(s), TCP, UDP, DHCP, ARP, IP, etc.).