Omega – A Universe Over IP presented at Notacon 2014

by Mo Morsi,

Summary : The Omega Project is an open source Universe Simulator built ontop of the JSON-RPC protocol. This allows a variety of clients running on many platforms to access and control custom-user defined universes in real time via any transport.
Omega provides many features including location tracking in 3D space, an interface through which to create and manage a multitude of cosmos-level and player-controller entities which may be interacted with in many different ways, mechanisms to script highly-dynamic runtime-events and workflows, and much more.
Omega also provides the means to link simulations together in a P2P matter indefinetly, and comes with a rich WebGL based frontend,providing an interactive view on the universe.
With this talk we aim discuss the architechture and underlying technologies behind the project and to conduct a live demonstration of the Omegaverse in action.