Keynote presentation: We Came In Peace - They Don't presented at AusCERT 2014

by Felix "fx" Lindner,

Summary : Nation State Actors in the so-called "cyber domain" are nothing new.But what was considered the topic of people wearing hats made out of kitchen supply just a little while ago, recently became the concern of many, including those who should care about it. Unfortunately, selectively revealed bits and pieces of data don't answer the questions of "what" and "why", and neither does this talk. What the talk will provide is a single hacker's view on how geopolitical forces are flirting with and/or ignoring the technological possibilities/threats of our day and age. It will try to cast light from a different direction, taking a pragmatic instead of dogmatic approach. After all, stereoscopic vision tends to help, if you don't want to be just food.