Accelerate Your Security Operations With Human Guided, Machine Speed Responses to Cyber Attacks - Before, During, and After presented at AusCERT 2014

by Bernie Thomas,

Summary : For many organizations, after knowledge of an attack comes in, it takes hours, sometimes days to respond to the attack, and weeks or even months to clean up the damage. To make matters worse, average response times may be lengthened because of the manual processes required to change security devices—time spent by smart attackers to deploy a sophisticated system of botnets that allow them to continue to attack networks from multiple angles simultaneously. To defend against these attacks, today's security professional must be empowered to take act as quickly, or more quickly, than the attackers can. This is the only way to minimize risk exposure and reduce costs amidst adaptive and machine speed attacks.
This session will show how large organizations can design automated courses of action to replace manual tasks, deliver faster response times and shift the dynamics of their existing defense capabilities. We'll explore various cybersecurity viewpoints, discuss a variety of automated and semiautomated security actions, and evaluate how automation can transform reactive decisions-to-action cycles into proactive defense strategies.
The discussion will be led by Bernie Thomas, Principal Security Architect at CSG Invotas. He will encourage participants to share their personal insights on security concerns and the potential actions they would like to automate to improve response times and boost business continuity. He will also challenge participants to rethink what they know about network security and how automation can reframe that knowledge for use in new ways.
CSG Invotas is the newly launched security division of CSG International, a leading global software and services company that has spent more than 30 years working with top Communications Service Providers across the globe on strategies and solutions that improve the way in which providers manage and process data. CSG International counts as clients, 400 Internet Carriers, including many of the largest providers on the planet.