The Age of Everything presented at BSidesDenver 2014

by Chris Roberts,

Summary : As humans we move between the various electronic domains within our lives. We are familiar with those on our desks and in our pockets…we have been made aware of the ones in the transportation we use and the interactions with the world around us…but now we’re moving into the “Age Of Everything”. We live in houses controlled by remote interfaces, we move around in vehicles that carry our breathing lives as well as our electronic ones. We take it for granted that we can remain connected whenever and wherever we want…yet we don’t really think “how” does this happen…we know and understand elements of the jigsaw but for the most part these considerations are segmented and fragmented. This talk aims to put ALL the pieces together, to show correlation between each of the domains we interface with…and ultimately to play a game of Security Hopscotch between each of them…while maintaining end-to-end connectivity. Quite simply we are going to “demonstrate” how to take control of the Western USA Power Grid by initiating a hack of the Oven you have at home…and tie everything between those not-so-disparate systems. Enjoy the ride.