KEYNOTE 1: Security at the End of the Universe presented at HackInTheBox 2014

by Katie Moussouris,

Summary : All the firewalls have been configured. All the IDS and AV signatures have been updated. Each available update for all supported products from every vendor has been installed. Reams of procedures for security have been carefully curated by committee and read like Vogon poetry, painfully thorough, precise, and bureaucratic.
And yet, in this distant and fictional future utopia state of “as good as it gets” security, attackers will still abuse systems, trick servers and users, and generally get away with it.
Do we throw our hands up in existential crisis and claim security nihilism, discarding our hats of various colors to try to rejoin the masses of security civilians? Are we as helpless as a bowl of petunias, hurtling toward the inevitable security failures, trapped in an infinite loop of reincarnated vulnerability classes in every new device that now suddenly has wireless and Bluetooth?
Or can we flip a switch on an Infinite Improbability Drive and save the day, by making tangible security improvements to newly connected devices and services? If so, how? Join Katie Moussouris who will walk through the dimensions of security life, the universe, and everything. Bring your towel.