Exploiting Passbook to Fly For Free presented at HackInTheBox 2014

by Anthony Hariton,

Summary : A lot of concerns arise about modern civil aviation by the day. From sophisticated hardware to control airplanes to ways of manufacturing weapons from duty free items; our eyes have seen a lot. Combine this with the technology we use daily to make our lives easier and what do you get? A nice and easy way to travel for free.
The topic of this talk is how you can easily generate a boarding pass, get through all the security airport checks and eventually ending up on your first class seat to the destination of your choice. Most importantly, you do not have to do anything overly complex – a computer and a smartphone is all that’s required for a method that puts to the test both physical and digital security. We will be using tools available to everyone to forge passes and look into methods of getting in the Security Restricted Area and even more importantly into the flight we desire. We will employ software, social engineering and a few more tactics to get us through the screening process.