Current state of the art and future challenges to detect and mitigate cyber risks in a methodical and consistent way presented at ITWeb 2014

by Matteo Michelini,

Summary : Mass-malware, targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats, state-sponsored attacks, cybercrime...the threat landscape is rapidly changing and companies are facing big challenges to align their security operations strategies in order to mitigate cyber risks.
This session will cover:
Challenges in building an internal incident response team – the drivers to develop an internal response capacity and how to shape it correctly.
How to shape threat intelligence to meet the business requirements and retrieve meaningful information to drive the development of attack detection and response capabilities
How incident response has to evolve to ensure effectiveness against targeted and state-sponsored attacks.
An overview of advanced threats and how they are evolving
A case study that will cover most of the above areas will be presented to show how to address common mistakes and misunderstandings while developing the Incident Response capacity.