Case study: Ensuring data privacy and protection in Software as a Service platform at Ooba presented at ITWeb 2014

by Dominique Dhotman,

Summary : The South African home loan origination industry is a fiercely contested, 15-year-old market made up of the banks, real estate, mortgage originators and interested home buyers. Being a fairly young industry it is not yet properly regulated, a dynamic which has allowed for a plethora of complex business models to exist. ooba has been continually innovating in this space and has developed a number of technologies to support and move the industry forward. This case study outlines the dynamics which led to the evolution of the ooba SaaS platform. It explores the challenge of creating a system which has trust baked into its very core and outlines the mechanisms made available to its subscribers to test its claims of privacy and protection. It will reflect on the key architectural approaches adopted and provide insight into the industry standards employed. less