Snowden Revelations: What do they mean for South Africa? presented at ITWeb 2014

by Haroon Meer,

Summary : 2013 was undoubtably the year of the Snowden revelations. From the first leaks in June we have been made more and more aware of both the capability and reach of foreign intelligence agencies online.
Every new release revealed more and more proof of the existence of a widely deployed spying apparatus while simultaneously revealing how hopelessly outclassed most network defenders have been. Some of the leaks focused on the NSA's domestic over-reach, while others covered attacks against European leaders but precious few mentioned South Africa.
Should we be affected at all? Do the revelations matter at all to us? Haroon Meer will cover why the Snowdon revelations are gravely important to South Africa, how they demonstrate our complete inability to (currently) cope with this threat, and how we can hopefully claw our way out of the current hole we find ourselves in.