The relationship between corruption and cybercrime presented at ITWeb 2014

by Jason Jordaan,

Summary : Corruption is commonplace in South Africa, and has become part of the national psyche, however it is often not seen as being a crime connected to cybercrime. However the reality is that corruption is becoming more and more commonplace in the commission of cybercrime in South Africa.
Social engineering is generally understood in the context of information security, and how cyber criminals make use of social engineering to gain information or access to systems, but the risks and occurrences of corruption to facilitate cybercrime, are generally not understood. It is critical to understand the nature corruption as it relates to cybercrime, as this allows information security practitioners to identify and manage the risks.
This presentation will discuss common occurrences of corruption in relation to cybercrime in South Africa and identify and discuss relevant red flags, which may indicate corruption and mechanisms to mitigate the corruption risks.