Cyber Counterintelligence - what is it and what lessons has recent history taught us? presented at ITWeb 2014

by Sh Von Solms, Petrus Duvenage,

Summary : It is widely accepted that conventional cyber security measures no longer offer adequate protection in the face of threats posed by sophisticated adversaries.
Now, more than ever before, the mass media reports with increasing frequency on cyber exploitation by nation-states, criminals, hacktivists and other such role players. This trend is accelerating despite billions of dollars being spent on IT security 'solutions' by governments and businesses. Adversaries are winning in cyber space and a different approach is clearly required to meet 21st century challenges. There is a way in which business can meet these challenges and turn the tables.
This presentation advances cyber counterintelligence (CCI) as a practicable alternative to coherently and proactively meeting cyber security challenges. Using recent cases from 2103 and 2104, it explains CCI and the necessity for an integrated multi-disciplinary approach, citing both successes and failures in in CCI implementations.