Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack tools: simple and complex contemporary and historical threats presented at ITWeb 2014

by Mark Campbell,

Summary : The DDoS threat to enterprises and network providers is obviously more severe from professionally coded bots with a variety of stealthy attributes and their corresponding commercial flooding services, while the small projects coded by amateurs pose less of a threat. However many small-time "host booters" often have Remote Access Trojan functionality to perform actions such as password theft, download and execute other malware, sniff keystrokes and perform other malicious activities. Enterprise-class firewalls can be taken down from either internally or externally due to state table exhaustion. At the other end of the spectrum, the commercial DDoS services are running full-steam, with a variety of service offerings easily available.
This presentation will cover both simple and complex contemporary and historical threats – showing a sample ranging from single user flooding tools, small host booters, shell booters, Remote Access Trojans (RATs) with flooding capabilities, simple DDoS bots, complex DDoS bots and some commercial DDoS services.