Wha’s like us? – Approaches to Accrediting Scotland’s Infrastructure presented at NISC 2014

by Owen Sayers,

Summary : The recent drive from UK and Scottish Governments to adopt shared services frameworks, and new technologies such as cloud computing, has shown the need for consistent accreditation across the public sector generally and within specific communities of interest in particular. One result of this is that “National” or “Pan-Government” IA and accreditation is becoming the norm, yet Scotland’s specific circumstances mean that UK-wide IA activities are often inconsistent with Scottish legal, procedural or business requirements. Scotland would benefit from its own Pan-Scottish Government Accreditation capability which supports and works with the CESG and Cabinet Office PGA functions, but better meets Scottish Information Assurance requirements for areas of devolved responsibility and which – regardless of the September Referendum result – Scotland needs to be a credible supporter of its planned digital business initiatives. The slide deck will explain the need for a Scottish Accreditation function and consider the ways it can best be established.