Insider Threats – Thwarting Sophisticated Cyber Adversaries and Attacks on Privileged Users presented at CISONewYork 2014

by Alan Kessler, Ramin Safai,

Summary : The profile of insider threats is changing. Traditionally, insider risk came from disgruntled or malicious employees, but recent events have shifted focus to privileged users, service providers and accounts compromised by APTs and other malware. Yet organizations continue to invest in perimeter and host-based security technologies despite the limited success such defenses have with knowledgeable insiders and sophisticated cyber adversaries. Join Alan Kessler, CEO of Vormetric, and Ramin Safai, CISO of Jeffries and Company, for a discussion on the state of insider threat protection for the global enterprise and to exchange best practices for protecting data — both in the local enterprise environment and in Big Data and cloud implementations.
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