WIFI…WTF? presented at BsidesAsheville 2014

by Tim Fowler,

Summary : In a world of always connected devices, we are consuming more bandwidth than over, and most of that is happening over the air waves via wifi. Our reliance and demand for a constant stream of data being delivered to us is only getting worse but what is so bad about that?. If you are using wifi to then it could be BAD and much worse than you may have imagined.
This talks focuses on some of the weakness of the 802.11 specification and how those weakness can be used to gain access, capture critical data and completely take over systems with the aid of wifi. We will look at some current and emerging 802.11 wireless threats, as well as the tried and true ways that still work after many years and the tools/devices used to do so.
The sheer amount of data that we are broadcasting from our devices is astonishing but how someone can use even the simplest bit of data may change the way you function on when on wireless.
Do not have an arsenal of wireless attacks in your pentest kit??? Let me show you why you need to change that! It’s a gold mine out there!