Open Source Software Environment Security IssuesReturn to TOC presented at FIRST 2014

by Keisuke Kamata, Yoshiki Sugiura,

Summary : A lot of IT security issues happen day by day, like cyber attack, site compromize, software vulnerabilities including zero-day, SQL injections and so on.
Security issues are becoming more important to operate IT related systems including public website, internal network and web applications.
Open source software(or Free software) is definitely a good option to use even for enterprise environment but it is also important to recognize various security aspects. There are a lot of challenges on OSS(or Free software), for instance, secure development and patch management on the developers, users and system integrator.
This presentation will cover some security trend and what security challenges are needed to consider for both of "development" and "user" aspect to use open source software.
Where on the earth for Free Software, you can control the software including patch management. It means you can control its security on Free Software as well.
It also explain importantance of security operations including CSIRT and PSIRT.
Topics are below:
# Security issues on Open source software devlopment
# Security issues for using Open source software
# Managing yourself Free software and the security
# Needs for security operations including CSIRT and PSIRT