Twenty-Five Years of Computer Security and Incident Response: FIRST's First Quarter-CenturyReturn to TOC presented at FIRST 2014

by Mark Zajicek,

Summary : In 1989, a Computer Security Incident Handling Workshop was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), with invited experts from various organizations. That historic event was the first of what would become a yearly conference, attended annually by hundreds of computer security and incident response team members from around the world; and it laid the roots for what would become the globally-recognized Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST). Twenty-five years later, FIRST continues to enable incident response teams to more effectively respond to security incidents. In this presentation [or panel session], we will present an overview of the first meeting that was held, highlights of the first twenty-five years of the annual FIRST Conferences, sprinkled with informal anecdotes, reminisces, and changes observed over our past quarter-century.