We're All the Same in Different Ways: Revisiting the CSIRT Concept for 2015Return to TOC presented at FIRST 2014

by Thomas Millar,

Summary : The idea of the formal CSIRT has been in existence for over 25 years. As FIRST's history shows, this concept has evolved a great deal since 1989. This presentation will provide a look back into the history of the CSIRT to explore where our common practices come from, how they have changed and how they have not. Several efforts have been made (e.g. RFC 2350) to describe the various capabilities and functions of different CSIRTs, but they are not broadly adopted for inter-team cooperation.
Getting a better grasp on our respective teams' modern responsibilities, capabilities, restrictions and needs is an incredibly important part of making the members of FIRST, our partners, and our constituencies safer and stronger. It's time to discuss, discover and leverage the unique capabilities of our partner teams, not just the TLDs, IP ranges or institutions we are associated with, but the services we can provide one another and the tools and talents we can share.
By striving for a better understanding of what today's teams truly have in common with one another, the critical ways in which we differ, we can all better support one another to achieve our shared objectives.