Reversing on the Edge presented at Recon 2014

by Jason Jones, Jasiel Spelman,

Summary : Traversing the paths for using GraphDBs in RE
GraphDBs are becoming the new hot thing for research in many fields, including infosec and reverse engineering. Graph theory research for reverse engineering is not new (*cough*Rolf and Halvar*cough*), but using one of the commodity GraphDBs available is a more recent tactic.
GraphDBs are a natural way to look at binaries and call flow graphs (see: IDA / BinNavi / etc.). They also offer the ability to scale massively or provide a central location for collaborative work. While many of the features of a GraphDB can be replicated in a traditional database doing so it is not as "natural" as using GraphDB in many cases. Potential applications of a graphdb-based system are taint tracking, binary diffing, collaborative RE, shared code detection, and more!
This talk will look at a subset of the currently available graph databases, existing projects that take advantage of their features, possible applications and a few PoCs to use them. The goal is to introduce the audience to the concept and spark ideas on how to take advantage of their feature-sets.