Safe Cracking presented at Shakacon 2014

by Deviant Ollam,

Summary : We trust safes to secure our documents, our backup media, and our most sensitive materials... not to mention countless precious or valuable or dangerous items. Whether you're protecting bearer bonds, firearms, prescription drugs, or a flash drive full of top secret data, a safe must provide two functions for you: it should resist unauthorized entry for a significant time and it should clearly reveal to you when unauthorized entry has been achieved. If an attacker knows the tactic of safe dial manipulation, however, these protections are no longer at your disposal. This talk will walk the audience through the basics of how safe mechanisms function and then explain quite clearly how it is that some attackers can foil them. Analysis and discussion of countermeasures will also be covered, along with a summary of the tools that both attackers and defenders have at their disposal when it comes to safes and secure containers.