111 Years of Vulnerabilities presented at Shakacon 2014

by Brian Martin,

Summary : Computer security is in bad shape. No, that is putting it nicely. Our state of security is entirely dismal. Apologists will sometimes dismiss this as our industry being 'young'. Sure, compared to building pyramids or fire, it is. But compared to the modern car industry, circa Ford and their Model T in 1908? Our industry is arguably just as old. And to go with that age, vulnerabilities from back then are still plaguing us to this day. How did we get here, knowing what we know? This talk will give a brief but amusing overview of the history of vulnerabilities. With each crazy story we will see that the lessons buried in our history are just as important now as they were then. Yet, miraculously, we've somehow ignored that... This talk is not about painting a complete history, as that would take several books. This is about perspective.