Just What The Doctor Ordered? Part II presented at Shakacon 2014

by Scott Erven,

Summary : You have now heard the stories of delivering lethal doses of insulin to a pump, or delivering a lethal shock to a vulnerable defibrillator. But what is the reality of medical device security inside the world’s healthcare systems? Join Scott for the first unveiling of Part II of his collaborative research project with Shawn Merdinger, which focuses on public safety and human life. We will present our latest findings and previously unknown attack vectors regarding Internet facing systems at large healthcare systems across the world. It should be no surprise now, but what we found in 1 hour will amaze you!
This discussion will also highlight the fallout from security standards not being a requirement for medical device manufacturers, and our work in identifying and reporting vulnerabilities. We are working towards a future where cyber security issues in medical devices are a thing of the past. We will discuss the recent success and traction we have gained with the FDA and DHS in addressing these security issues. The train is now moving, so please join us to find out how you can get involved and make a difference in patient safety for our future.