Integrity VM hypervisor remote testing and assisted by the hardware presented at SSTIC 2014

by Vincent Nicomette, Eric Alata, Morgan Benoit,

Summary : Managers of virtual machines (or VMM) are increasingly used in the computer world today (especially since the popularity of cloud computing). From the point of view of safety, the VMM may be a target for attackers, since their installation in very privileged software layers. To secure them, many solutions have been proposed but many vulnerabilities have been identified as well. These vulnerabilities can target the software, but also the material underlying layers. We propose in this paper a new method for integrity testing remotely to ensure effectively the integrity of software such as VMM. This test is based on any software running directly on the processor of the machine, it can not be a victim of vulnerabilities included in the software and hardware layers of the machine. We describe the principle of this method, it works well as current implementation based on the use of a PCI-Expresss dedicated card.