Beating the Infosec Learning Curve Without Burning Out presented at BSidesDetroit 2014

by Scott Thomas,

Summary : So you have made the decision to get into Infosec and you’re excited to begin your new adventure. Great! What area interests you the most? You know that “Information Security” has many jobs right? Maybe you started out with a IT background. Maybe you were an electrical engineer. Maybe you just decided “that hacker stuff” sounded like fun. Whatever brought you here, you are going to have the same issues that affects many people starting a new career…how do I learn everything? Do you go the certification route and end up with alphabet soup on your resume? Perhaps take the road of higher education and obtain a degree with a fancy name? Are either of them required or just a way to get your foot in the door? This talk will be an intro to what the speaker did to get into the industry and a couple tips to avoid burnout with the plethora of jobs and learning paths out there. It will also identify how he was able to find the people that helped him along the way. This talk is mostly geared towards new people starting their career in Infosec.