Attack Paths: Breaking Into Infosec From IT Or Other Totally Different Fields presented at BSidesDetroit 2014

by Eve Adams,

Summary : So you think you want a career in information security, but you work in an IT function where you barely get to touch firewalls? Or you’re a software developer who’s interested in learning to write more secure code. Maybe you’re not even in an IT function at all, but you’d like to learn about securing data in fields such as law enforcement, finance or health care. Where to begin? Seasoned infosec recruiter Eve Adams, Senior Talent Acquisition Expert at Halock Security Labs, gets these questions all the time – and she’s helped people find the right “attack paths” to start careers in infosec, without much or any prior experience in the field. She’ll walk you through techniques for self-study, networking, and identifying where exactly you want to go in the wide world of security, using entertaining and immediately actionable examples from the real world. There will be plenty to learn for security neophytes, as well as those already working in the field looking for insight on career development – and lots of time for lively, interactive Q&A!