What Happened to the ‘A’? – How to Leverage BCP/DR for your Info Sec Program presented at BSidesDetroit 2014

by Michael A. Ortega,

Summary : Speakers Moey Converge Conference DetroitIn the beginning, every Information Security professional learns about the triad: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. As you grew so did your skills; you learned about controls, frameworks, compliance, and how to test your systems/applications to ensure that all your bits and bytes were safe. But what happened to the Availability? It seems that in the journey of becoming an information security professional, we stopped focusing on a third of the basic principles of Information Security. This presentation will discuss why Availability goes well beyond DoS. It will discuss how to leverage BCP/DR for the benefit of your information security program by: – Learning in depth the critical portions of your organizations – Bringing your risk approach to other highly visible initiatives – Allowing you to collaborate with teams – Exposing you to business Executives