Verbal Sparring 101 presented at BSidesDetroit 2014

by Nick Jacob,

Summary : As security professionals, we deal with a great deal of misunderstanding around what we do and how we do it. Even when we try to explain our methods and technologies, we often lose people who don’t have that technological background. How do we go about making our message clear? How can we know what kind of people we are dealing with? Understanding one’s target audience is key to delivering an effective message. Knowing how to present yourself, what words to use, and keeping your listeners on their toes allows you to build an effective message. With a solid delivery, a good relationship can be built. Verbal Sparring 101 takes the concept of understanding the way people talk and receive messages, comparing different personalities to those of various fighting styles (because that is more fun). How to engage your target’s passions and use them to deliver the most effective message possible.