Hackers: Super Heroes of a Slightly Dark Future presented at Converge 2014

by Nicholas J. Percoco,

Summary : Speakers Converge Conference Keynote 1 Nicholas PercocoWhat if you could transport yourself to the year 2040 and interact with the technology of the future?. That’s only about 25 years from now, but if technology advancements keep accelerating, you will likely find yourself immersed in a world of hyper convenience and adaptive omniscience. As technology becomes increasingly personal and intrusive into our private lives, the implications of a security failures have even greater consequences. Assuming that the hacking community still exists in the year 2040, how will the society of tomorrow deal with zero days with immensely more privacy and safety implications than those found today? What role will our community play in this future and will our skills be closely monitored or even regulated? This talk will explore future technologies that haven’t been invented yet, security implications of misuse and discuss the important role that the hacking community may play in defending the world’s population from evil doers.