How the Surveillance State Changes IT Security Forever presented at Converge 2014

by Richard Stiennon,

Summary : Speakers Converge Conference Keynote 3 Richard StiennonThe rapid rise of surveillance by the NSA and other government spy agencies poses a new threat to every IT security department. Gone are the days when hackers, cyber criminals, or even espionage by foreign governments were the major driver of IT security investments. Since the 2013 revelations that the NSA had successfully executed on a mission of “information dominance” and “collect everything,” the new driver is massive data collection and how to counter it. Stiennon predicts that the IT security industry will respond quickly to this new threat with increased investments in encryption, key management, and the defenses required to protect the means of encryption. This will mean a tenfold increase, to $632 billion, in security spending by 2023.