#scrappysec presented at Converge 2014

by Chris Raethke,

Summary : Any organization can adopt simple strategies to be more secure, to know when something has happened and how to prevent it in future.
Bugcrowd, a SF based startup that makes security sexy, has built a vulnerability management platform called Crowdcontrol. This allows companies to effectively engage over 10,000 strong security researcher community to find and report vulnerabilities in their applications.
Crowdcontrol is a big target itself and is designed to be hacker resilient. Over the course of the last 18 months we’ve solved some very interesting problems.
We build software that is not only designed to work as expected, but also to not break when its used in a way it wasn’t designed to. This talk will go through some of the problems we’ve encountered, how we dealt with them and how we stop them reoccurring.