The Challenge of Natural Security Systems presented at Converge 2014

by Rockie Brockaway,

Summary : Static security models and “business as usual” directives have naturally resulted in a collective eyes wide shut mentality of organizational entropy. Organisms, as well as organizations, can only adapt to changing environments by leaving (or being forced from) their comfort zones. It should be obvious that today’s threat landscape is changing at a breakneck pace, yet most organizations are seemingly content in adding “spend” to the annual budget for more systems that claim to protect against the latest FUD. This is not learning and without learning adaptation cannot occur. Challenges to the organism and organization that move them both out of their respective comfort zones are crucial for successful adaptation. This talk will explore these adaptation requirements in an effort to develop a framework for more naturally secure systems and organizations. At its conclusion it will present a challenge for all those willing to get out of their own respective comfort zones and organically contribute to naturally stronger systems and organizations.