Security for the People: End-User Authentication Security on the Internet presented at Converge 2014

by Mark Stanislav,

Summary : Speakers Mark Stanislav Converge Conference DetroitDespite the continued success by attackers to brute-force accounts, phish credentials, and otherwise impact the online security of consumers, a large portion of the sites and services consumers utilize still don’t take authentication security seriously enough. This presentation will review recent research into the state of end-user-facing authentication security as it relates to password policies, strong authentication, and complementary browser security features. Through analysis of the ways organizations protect consumer authentication and deploy relevant browser security features, we can gain insight into which sites and services are most focused on ensuring consumers have the best chance defending against attackers.

Mark Stanislav: Mark Stanislav holds his Bachelor's in Networking and IT Administration and is currently pursuing his Master's in Network Security -- both from Eastern Michigan University. Mark is a Linux systems administrator for a popular digital promotions company just outside of Detroit by day, and an adjunct lecturer at EMU by night (literally). Mark teaches both the entry-level and advanced Linux courses at EMU and created the curriculum for both from scratch. Mark's technology interests involve Linux, PHP-based web development, information security, and Apple products. Mark also runs a security news web site called and last presented here at NOTACON 2005.